Mission Board


Course of social change and look more carefully position the nonprofit private enterprises of widespread and significant changes in the affairs of the society. This means that the owners of any social scientific fan Page Owner to the subject Vklam the speed of The accuracy and power of a more intense and has been able to achieve the status of Rafi. Iranian Medical Laser Association and not the exception, and in moving forward with the power of the fruit of all its members to invite broad participation in meetings, workshops, training course establishing new spaces in the forum activities. In Thus establishing the principles of motion with the evolution of young and new members from being on the board of directors elected at the last election with a new spirit in the body was blown forum.

Major objectives of the Association of Iranian Medical Laser appropriate education and culture in making optimum use of the laser. Though this takes time and work is continuing but it is on the Board of Vqvady Understanding The strategy of short-, medium-term it is Vblnd. Holding seminars, conferences, training courses deal sometimes, all and all in the service of research and education to science and research with emphasis Brmbany being a tool to remove the laser face lift to make it serve the needs of our illnesses. Along with that enterprise Vmfahym meanings of Ghana, continuing education workshops, consistent and practical implementation of such a forum to enhance performance Vmtkhssan physicians during this period to achieve it has used all its power.

A full day of Laser Hair Removal

And compares the different types of laser devices and methods of work with theoretical and practical
Date: 24 August 1393
Deadline: 10 August 1393

For registration and further details please contact number 09102305650


Of Cellulite

Today, having the weight and keep fit, apart from its aesthetic approach of treatment is also considered. The potential loss of many diseases including hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease is reduced. Thus, each year saw the arrival of various regimes of different medications and treatments to reduce the weight and size of the respective catchment. This 3-day course on basic issues in addition to obesity and cellulite are introduced and the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of treatment and to evaluate the limitations of each.

Date: 5 to 7 September 2014
Registration deadline: 25 August 2014

For registration and further details please contact number 09102305650.




Lazys Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, June 24 to 26 2014